Tomahawk Power Visits World of Concrete

Las Vegas, NV - Feb 2nd-5th -Tomahawk Power exhibited earlier this month and displayed its new line of compaction and concrete equipment at the 2016 World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, NV. While now hosted in Las Vegas, the World of Concrete actually has its roots in Texas, where it held its first show in Houston back in 1975 with just over 1,500 attendees. The WOC is now the largest concrete trade show in North America, this year hosting over 55,000 industry professional attendees from around the world, and over 1,450 companies exhibited. Seminars were also offered on a variety of topics that affect those in the concrete industry. Seminar topics included ranged from business and finance to masonry and engineering, to safety and risk management, and technical updates within the industry to name a few. This year the seminars ranged from 90 minute conference sessions to 4 hour interactive hands on training in the outdoor lots just outside the convention center. The educational training that takes place at the World of Concrete is on the cutting edge, and lets attendees get a glimpse of the concrete industry’s future.

Exhibitors this year showcased new and existing technologies, including concrete formulas, new designs in equipment for concrete cutting, and concrete demolition. Tomahawk Power put on product demonstrations for all of their compaction equipment, including the brand new PC5030 Reversible Plate Compactor. Tomahawk Power released this new plate compactor in January 2016, and used the World of Concrete trade show for its unveiling.  The PC5030 uses a hydraulic system that allows the user to drive the compactor either in a forward or reverse direction. The plate itself is also significantly longer than Tomahawk Power’s other forward direction plate compactor (PC4515). The PC5030 measures in at 27” x 20”, while the PC4515 measures 19 x 22”. The PC5030 also offers the option of coming with a rubber mat feature for compaction work on bricks. 

Apart from the compaction equipment, Tomahawk Power unveiled its brand new concrete equipment, including the MCB-4 Gas Scarifier, EV28 Concrete Vibrator, and PMF18 Concrete Saw. The new Tomahawk Power MCB-4 scarifier features a Honda GX160 engine, which has an 8 inch working width, and can complete up to 500 square feet per hour at a depth of 1/8”. The EV28 concrete vibrator is an electric model that was designed for mobility without losing performance, and can reach up to 14,000 VPMs. The PMF18 is an 18” concrete saw that was introduced for the concrete worker who is looking for a light-weight machine that can still stand up to the tough conditions of any given job site. This model features a Honda GX390 with a roll cage to prevent engine damage, NSK bearings, and a kill-switch design that allows the user to turn off the engine without going anywhere near the rotating blade.

Be on the lookout for Tomahawk Power’s new booth location for the 2017 World of Concrete.

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