Choosing the Right Water Pump

How do you choose the correct gasoline water pump?

There are many types of water pumps that Tomahawk has to offer and choosing the correct pump is essential to completing jobs efficiently. One thing to consider is if there is no source of electricity you will most likely need a gasoline or diesel powered pump.

If you are draining a pool or a small body of water, we recommend you choose the Tomahawk TW1.5 Pump, because it is lightweight and easy to set up, affordable, and will easily pump a small body of water in a short amount of time. The TW1.5 is perfect for for pools, small ponds, small flooded areas, recreational mining, and remote farming. Another great use for this pump is that it can pump water quick, while being very light. This is very important if the body of water you are pumping is up a hill, mountain, or far away from any road. Heavier pumps are much more difficult to transport, due to their weight.

If you a looking to push a more significant amount of water, we recommend the TW2 Pump or the TW3 Pump. They pump a good amount of clean water and can also push dirty water with the correct filter. A Tomahawk 2’’ and 3’’ semi-trash pump is great for agricultural flood irrigation, de-watering at construction sites, pools, and other areas where water is needed to be drained quickly.

If you need high pressure, the ideal pump is the Tomahawk TW1.5F. This high pressure pump is great for fighting fires in remote areas. Just use the firefighting pump’s high pressure to spray water hundreds of feet. Use your pool, lake, or a river to prevent fires from spreading on your property with the Tomahawk TW1.5F. Additional uses for the Tomahawk TW1.5F include pressure washing on walls, buildings, boats, industrial applications, or moving water up a mountain.

If your water source is brackish, saltwater, or contains chemicals you will need to use a special pump. Most gasoline powered de-watering pumps come with cast-iron or aluminum impellers which tend to rust and deteriorate from salt or chemicals. When pumping chemicals, saltwater, or contaminated water the Tomahawk TW2S pump is ideal. This pump can easily push water quickly and efficiently and stands up to all liquids.

If pushing a large amount of water quickly and effectively is necessary then we recommend you choose one of Tomahawk Power’s larger pumps. The Tomahawk TW4 (4’’ Gasoline Pump) and TW6 (6’’ Gasoline or Diesel Pump). These pumps push hundreds of gallons of water a minute and are great for moving water fast! They are primarily used in farm applications for flood irrigation. In some case they are used in waste water treatment removal. Additionally, they are used for moving water to other areas during heavy rain and flooding. If you need to flood or de-flood an area quickly, choose the Tomahawk TW4.0 or TW6 water pump.

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