Building New Roads: A Fastenal Success Story

Gavin Gates first came across the Tomahawk Power brand during a bidding process for the Indiana Department of Transportation. INDOT was in need of new and improved compaction equipment, a product category that many Fastenal reps are new to. 

However, that fact did not stop Gavin, a branch OSR in Crawfordsville, IN. He saw an opportunity and utilized Fastenal’s government sourcing team to locate Tomahawk Power as the qualified brand to fill the order. INDOT uses tamping rammers and plate compactors to build and repair many of the highways throughout the state of Indiana. 

Compaction equipment is the tool that brings life to the old phrase, “You have to build on a strong foundation.” Tamping rammers, plate compactors (vibratory plates), and road rollers all compact various types of soil and asphalt to ensure structural integrity for any foundation, whether it be for a road, sidewalk, or a new high-rise building. Tomahawk Power supplies Fastenal’s vast distribution network and sales teams throughout North America with the light construction equipment they need for their customers. 

In late July 2019, we followed up with Gavin Gates to find out the full story of his success with INDOT: 

How did everything start with Indiana’s Department of Transportation?

Gavin Gates, Indiana Fastenal OSR: “First they reached out for a quote for a forward plate compactor, and after I was able to source Tomahawk Power in our system using our government team, it was about a week or two later that we received a purchase order for the Tomahawk TPC90H plate compactors.”

You’ve sold over $22,000 of Tomahawk Power compaction equipment to INDOT this year so far. You sold 2 plate compactors in March, then less than 3 months later, you sold 5 more compactors and 4 tamping rammers. Why do you think that is?

Gavin Gates, Indiana Fastenal OSR: “At first it was about the lead time you guys offer, and then I think it came down to a good price and the quality. They really liked the first 2 plate compactor units they tried out from March!”


Tomahawk Power Forward Plate Compactor. TPC90H - Fastenal SKU: 2185795

How has Tomahawk helped you in your relationship with your customer?

Gavin Gates, Indiana Fastenal OSR: “Positively for sure. You guys were on the ball when you got the order, making sure it goes to the right place, goes out on time, I definitely appreciate that. Also, the coordination and communication just helps us with the customer that much more, because we can give them specifics. I work with other vendors who sometimes can’t even tell me when they will get stuff in their warehouse, so they can get it to me.”

Due to this positive experience with Tomahawk Power products, have you been able to locate potential accounts and send them information about compaction equipment?

Gavin Gates, Indiana Fastenal OSR: “Yes, I actually gave your line cards out to all the maintenance guys, and a few contractors in my district, and I think they are pretty interested in your generators too!”

Congratulations, Gavin, on a job well done selling Tomahawk Power Light Construction Equipment!

Help us help you! Tomahawk Power is committed to helping Fastenal reps earn new business.

Contact us today if you think you have existing customers, leads, or know of other Fastenal salespeople who could benefit from Tomahawk Power’s lines of light construction equipment.

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