7 Tips for Killing Mosquitoes in 2023 (That Your Pest Control Company Won’t Tell You)

Mosquitoes are never fun and can ruin any outdoor activity. We've compiled 7 Tips for controlling mosquito populations in your own backyard, including the hints Pest Control companies will not tell you.

1. Get rid of standing water

Empty all sitting water around your yard. Mosquitoes will breed in even the smallest of puddles. Check for water in buckets, pots, bird baths, and anthing else you can think of. All of this is a playground for mosquito larvae. The Mosquito's Larvae Stage may only be a week before they are able to fly so don’t wait too long to rid of standing water from your yard.

2. Spray Early

As soon as the ground thaws and the temperature starts to rise, bugs will be hatching not longer after. Be Proactive and make sure to spray even before you see bugs in the air. Prepare yourself with the proper equipment and pesticides before it is too late.

3. Know your Mosquitoes and their Life Cycles




Take a look at the image above. Mosquitoes will begin to breed in stagnant water and lay their eggs. Not long after, these eggs will hatch and become larva and eventually pupa. This is an excellent time to begin using your pesticides, because within 2 weeks of the eggs being laid they will be able to fly and give you an itchy bite.

4. Create a Spray Routine and Stick To It

If you start to notice a lot of bugs and mosquito it might be too late to be proactive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break the cycle. You can still enjoy the rest of your summer by actively spraying. Anywhere between every 2 weeks to 2 months should kill these blood sucking bugs from taking a whole summer of picnics away from you. Make sure you understand the potency and directions of the pesticides you choose. Create your very own spray routine and stick to it.

5. Control Your Backyard (Cut Grass)


Mosquito love long grass, weeds, and shady areas. This is where they will hide during the heat of the day. Doing some basic lawn care, cutting tall grasses, and spraying afterwards can drastically reduce their bugger populations.

6. Use Power Equipment to Cover a Large Area

If you have over a ½ acre of land you might want to get away from spraying mosquitos with a can or handheld fogger. Small canned foggers are ineffective for mid to large sized yards and may only kill a small portion of the mosquitoes for a short period of time. Getting a large motorized backpack sprayer will make your job easier and much more effective. To spray an acre by hand with canned foggers could cost you over $100 and take a good half hour. With a backpack mist duster or backpack sprayer you will be able to effectively spray your yard in 5-10 minutes.


7. Pest Control Can Be Fun!


Pest control can become one of your routine backyard duties and actually bring a lot of joy. You won't have to worry about the annoyance of mosquitoes and feel comforted that everyone at your backyard picnic won't go home with a bunch of itchy sores. 


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