Tomahawk PRO Series Honda Concrete Power Screed Dual Magnesium Blade Bundle (Choose 2 Boards)

Tomahawk PowerSKU: TVSA-H + TSB8-P + TSB4-P

Blade1: 8' Blade
Blade 2: 4' Blade


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Did not work out of box have requested a money back let’s c how it goes

Neville S
Worked amazing!

Works great !!!

Kenneth K
Worth every dollar.

Saved at least $200 on this bundle!

Sanford L
Good value.

worked great for the parking lot pour we had last weekend. I'll be comign back for more blades

Renato J
Great machine for the $!

Performance is excellent.


Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between the Tomahawk engine and Honda engine?

    The Honda engine has a 3 year warranty, while the Tomahawk engine has a 1 year warranty. Both engines have spare parts availability and service centers nationwide.

  • How should I store my TVSA-T Power Screed?

    Just like fueling, make sure the TVSA-T Power Screed lays on its handles and the fuel cap is upright.

  • How do I fuel my TVSA-T Power Screed?

    Fuel your TVSA-T Power Screed by laying it on its handles and add fuel into the visible fuel cap.

  • What kind of fuel does my TVSA-T Power Screed use?

    We recommend using regular unleaded gasoline.  Use SAE 10W-30 oil to best ensure engine longevity and performance.

  • Why won’t the aluminum boards work on the pro series unit?

    The bolts on the Pro Series unit do not align with the holes on the aluminum boards.

  • What type of spark plug does this use?

    The spark plug used is NGK  (6535) CR5HSB.

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