8 HP 3" Industrial Duty Trash Water Pump powered by Honda Portable Utility

Tomahawk PowerSKU: TW3H



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Adam L.
I cant be happier!

I recently purchased this water pump for my irrigation system, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. This pump packs a punch with its impressive power and reliability. Whether I'm drawing water from a well or transferring it from one location to another, this pump handles the task effortlessly.

Eric M.

I recently purchased this water pump for my DIY projects, and it has proven to be a versatile and affordable option. Whether I'm emptying a flooded basement, filling up a water container for camping, or even creating a makeshift water feature, this pump has come in handy time and again.

Austin M.
Best Vibrating Backpack

The pump's motor is robust and provides consistent performance, ensuring a steady water flow. It is designed to handle large volumes of water with ease, making it ideal for irrigation, pool maintenance, or even emergency water removal during flooding situations.

Roland J
Good Customer Service

Good customer service can truly be a breath of fresh air, especially in the industry that I work in. I got ahold of Maxwell in Tomahawk's customer service department. He was very patient with my questions and in fact very knowledable about the ins and outs of Honda engines. Very impressed!

Clark M

I've bought cheaper Chinese pumps in the past and finally decided to get the Honda after my last clunker bit the dust. It's truly night and day. Starts up quickly and has never had an issue.


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  • Are spare parts easily available?

    Yes! If you dont see the parts you need listed on our page give our customer service team a call for further assistance!

  • Can this be used for flooding?


  • Whats the maximum elevation for it?

    The maximum elevation is 89ft.

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