6.5 Gallon Backpack Concrete Sprayer .5 GPM Gas Finishing Tool for Cement Sealant Curing Stain

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Item: Sprayer + 24" Wand
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Matt Kuklinski

Awesome sprayer

Terry Cooper
Roofing Contractor Spraying Algaecide on Tile Roofs

As a roofing contractor we have a contract to clean 114,526 square feet of tile roofing. We're using a simple spray on algaecide ('Wet and Forget') requiring 1 part algaecide to 5 parts water. The Wet and Forget comes in a 1 gallon container so having a 6.5 gallon tank is huge. Tomahawk has the only 6.5 gallon backpack sprayer I could find (TCS6.5). These units are primarily used by the concrete and agricultural industries but thinking roof cleaning is untapped.. The wands used with the TCS6.5 are both fan spray and fogger. I ordered 3 of these units and was told they have no fan spray wands (supply chain problem). The tech guy referred me to a competitor to get what was required. This lack of the wand situation was a problem but nothing serious thanks to their customer service (post COVID procurement can be an adventure these days). I did appreciated the help in finding what was needed elsewhere. Also, I'm in SE PA and had those 3 units shipped from SO CAL in 2 business days for $100. That's incredible. Haven't used them yet but will weigh in on how they perform later. So far so good.

Matt F

This sprayer is truly a gamechanger. I can't believe I've been using a pump can for so many years! 100x faster than the stainless steel sprayer we have. I'll be buying a few more to make sure each crew has one!

Marcos G
Fast shipping

Arrived in time for our job. Happy to have it!

Ismael U
Quality and Value.

works great


Ask a Question
  • Will I overspray with this unit?

    Depending on the size and scope of a project, customers end up spraying 30-50% less chemical material, when compared to traditional manual pump sprayers.The consistent spray pattern, coupled with the larger tank, allows customers to cover more ground quicker, and spray the desired area with just 1 pass.

  • How does it compare to the battery powered sprayers?

    This sprayer, on average, delivers up to 4 times the pressure capabilities of battery powered sprayers on the market. The TCS6.5 has adjustable pressure levels up to 435 PSI.

  • Will the unit build up pressure while the engine is running?

    No, this sprayer cycles the chemical solution through the pump system to avoid pressure build up when the unit is not spraying.

  • What type of fuel does it take?

    The concrete sprayer uses a 50:1 ratio of gasoline and 2 stroke oil. Tomahawk recommends using a pre-mixed fuel for the best results.

  • Where do I get parts?

    Tomahawk Power stocks all inventory and parts for their products in several facilities throughout the United States. Tomahawk can typically have parts delivered within 2-3 business days.

  • How do I clean it?

    Due to the high pressure that can be generated with this product (435 PSI), Tomahawk recommends spraying 4-5 gallons of water through the system to pressure wash the lines clean. Always wipe down the unit after cleaning the lines with water, and check around the pump to see if there is any chemical build up, which may need to be cleaned off as well.

  • What type of seals does it have?

    This sprayer is built with chemical resistant Viton seals.

  • Will it handle curing compound? White pigmented cure?

    Yes, this concrete sprayer can handle any water, wax, or resin based product without damaging the pump. This includes topcast, form oil, curing compounds, and sealants with solid contents up to 40%

  • How heavy is it?

    Empty, the unit weighs about 22lbs. The TCS6.5 is built with thick padded straps, and lower back pad, to ensure user comfort. Utilize your entire body to handle the weight of the chemicals you are spraying, as opposed to lugging it around with 1 hand.

  • Are there any other sprayers you have that I can use for concrete sealer since this one is out of stock?

    You should be able to use all of our motorized sprayers for this purpose.

  • Can this spray oil based form oil?

    This sprayer can only spray water-based solutions.

  • What are the dimensions of this unit?

    The length, width, and height of this unit is 21 inches x 17 inches x 26 inches (54 centimeters x 43 centimeters x 66 centimeters) and it weighs 29 pounds (13 kilograms).

  • Where does this product ship from? How long does it take to ship?

    This unit ships from San Diego, California. It will ship out by the next business day after your order is placed and then be in transit for 3-4 days.

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