8” Gas Concrete Scarifier Planer Grinder with 5.5 HP Honda Engine Blade Bundle




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Felton A
reasonable price

Starting to find there is better quality out there than Husqvarna and Multiquip, with better pricing! I'm glad I found this scarifier. We were running out of options, but Tomahawk was able to get this to us Next Day!

Geoffrey C

Awesome that you can get this online now. Shipped fast and works great. With the COVID crisis I don't really want to go into our local supply shop as often.

Alfred F
Cranks right up

If you are looking for more work, grab one of these. Picked up a few new contracts this summer by offering new services!

Nathaniel F
Perfect machine

Glad we went with Tomahawk. Performance stacks up to EDCO and for a hundreds of dollars less it just makes sense.

Aurelio Q
runs good

Good planer


Ask a Question
  • Does it remove traffic lines?

    This scarifier is the best machine for removing trip hazards. It’s quick, efficient, and cost effective in comparison to other machines or replacing the concrete sidewalk. See our video for a quick look at some of the tomahawk scarifier applications.

  • Does it remove traffic lines?

    Yes, this scarifier can remove traffic lines quickly. Up to 1000 linear ft per hour. This scarifier moves in an upcut rotation pulling the machine along at a steady pace.

  • Can one person lift this scarifier in and out of a truck by themselves?

    Yes, with it's tungsten carbide cutters, the scarifier can easily plane asphalt, concrete and other similar surfaces.

  • Can one person lift this scarifier in and out of a truck by themselves?

    Yes, this Tomahawk scarifier's dry weight is 135lbs and compact enough for one person to lift by themselves, making it easy to transport compared to other 200 lbs models on the market.

  • What kind of engine is used on this machine?

    This scarifer uses a 5.5HP Honda Engine which is backed by a 3 year warranty and can be serviced at any Honda service centers nationwide.

  • Can you attach other blades and drums from other brands?

    Yes, you can. The blades are interchangeable with some other brands such as EDCO, but we always recommend using Tomahawk blades on Tomahawk equipment.

  • What is the length of drum blade used on this concrete planer?

    The Tomahawk TSCAR8H uses a 8” drum and is typically paired with tungsten carbide cutters for versatile use.

  • What kind of blade comes with this unit?

    If you chose a scarifier blade bundle, your scarifier comes with an 8” tungsten carbide blade drum kit. Each kit comes with 64 carbide cutters and 128 hardened washers. Each cutter has 6 points with a tungsten carbide tip.

  • Does it need to be assembled?

    Tomahawk Power Scarifier's need some assembly out of the box. Following the instructions included with the scarifier to assemble the engine to the handles. Blades are typically pre-installed on each scarifier unit, however if your blades are not installed or you are replacing blades, follow the instructions included in the box or in the Tomahawk Power Manuals Library.

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