4 Gal Motorized Fertilizer Spreader Broadcast Lawn Seed Ice Melt Salt

Tomahawk PowerSKU: TGS30

Item: Spreader Only


Customer Reviews

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Cody McEachern
Great machine and customer service

Very impressed with the power and versatility of this machine. It really is an all season machine! Great customer service. I had a part break on me and they had a part to me that week! Great job guys!

Franklyn R
Quality and Value.

Highly recommend

Jerald Q
Easy to use

Easy to fill up. It is well balanced and easy to use. Clean up is also a breeze.

Herbert P
Lawn Looks Great

We used this spreader with Black Beauty Grass Seed. My lawn has never looked so good!

Arnoldo O
Good spreader

I really like this spreader for the quality and the price!


Ask a Question
  • Does this work with diatomaceous earth?

    Yes, this will absolutely work with .diatomaceous earth.

  • Can this be used to spread copper sulfate along the shoreline of lakes and ponds.

    Yes, this spreader can be used for this purpose.

  • Can I spray liquid with this spreader?

    You need the liquid tank attachment in order to spray liquid. This attachment does not come standard with the TGS30 spreader.

  • Can I use this to salt the driveways?

    Absolutely, this spreader is great for salt.

  • Do I have to mix the fuel and oil myself?

    You can mix the fuel and oil yourself, however we recommend using a premix fuel such as TruFuel.

  • What fuel does this use?

    50:1 Premix Fuel

  • Is the TGS30 California Carb Compliant?

    Yes, the TGS30 Granular Spreader is CARB Compliant.

  • Can I use this for flint shot silica sand?

    Yes this can be used with flint shot silica sand.

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