10,500 Watt Inverter Generator Electric Start Super Quiet Portable Gas Power Professional Use

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So far really good.

Just bought this 9000i this week. Fired right up. Love the features and that its American made. Back fed my house with a 3ton ac, in gound well pump, micro wave and all the other circuits. It was flawless and ran at 50% power with the ac running. Because its American made, worth the extra money. Don't want chinese made!!!

So far highly recommended. Will repost if it changes.

Ryan B.
Game changer for RVs

What a fantastic inverter. Super fast delivery and started right up after filling oil and gas. Having the 50 amp plug and 37.5 running amps is a chame changer for big RV's. This thing runs both of my 15K RV Air Conditioners, residential fridge, and 2 TVs and doesn't miss a beat. Super quiet too. A lot of my friends have Honda eu7000i's, and I would put this one up against them any day on performance and sound. Its a new product, so don't let the lack of reviews stop you. Panels on both sides allow you unobstructed access to engine compartment for service. Awesome inverter so far.


Ask a Question
  • What is the amperage on each of the plugs? Im looking to run some heavy starting amp tools.

    This 9000 watt generator comes equipped with: 20 AMP plug, 30 AMP plug, and a 50 AMP plug, This has different options to be used with any tools you need for your job.

  • Where can you purchase this generator?

    Tomahawk Power Generators can be purchased at Tomahawk-Power.com, Lowe's, Home Depot, and any Tomahawk Power distributor across the nation.

  • How loud is this generator?

    Tomahawk Power 9000 watt generator at a super quiet rating of 62dB(A).

  • Can you parallel this generator to another unit?

    Tomahawk Power's 9000 watt generator can be paralled with another unit. This unit comes equipped with parallel connecters on the front panel of the unit.

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