Commercial 38" Push Sweeper with Triple Power Brooms

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Tawnya Smith

It works great! I wish I had bought it years ago!!!!!!!

Max Mayborg

Great product. We were looking into battery or props in power sweepers but we found this and could be happier. Works very well and people love using it.


Much easier than using a broom!! No complaints at all.

Patrick S

We work out of a large warehouse which can get dusty and very messy quickly. After one day, we knew we had a gameshanger on our hands. Far less manual labor and way less time spent sweeping and sweeping and sweeping! We can cover 10000 sqft in 20 minutes easy! This has made my life so so so much easier!


Ken F
Awesome Sweeper

After visiting some clients in Germany, I bought this for our 100000 sqft warehouse because I saw how well it worked! Out of the box it was a hit with our crew! We've only had it for about 2 weeks and have had no complaints, so I desided to get a couple more! We've definitely seen a time savings and even have been able to get more important work done during the week all because we are wasting time with a broom and dust pan.



Ask a Question
  • Will the tomahawk sweeper sweep both forward and reverse? Will it spill out on the floor going backwards?

    This sweeper is most efficient moving forward. If you were to pull backward the contents of your hopper would not spill out, but you may see any debris that was left underneath and not entirely swept up.

  • How many Square ft can this sweep in an hour

    This sweeper can cleaner up to 38,000 sq ft per hour.

  • Does this sweeper work well for parking lots and construction site?

    Yes, this sweeper works great for parking lots and construction sites for picking up debris from 1/32'' to a 4'' in diameter.

  • Can this fit through a door?

    Yes, this sweeper can fit through a doorway.

  • How can I service my sweeper? Are there parts available?

    If you need help with your Tomahawk Power product you can search for a Service Center near you. If none are nearby you can contact Tomahawk Support to help you solve any issues you might have. Tomahawk does stock a large selection on spare parts and accessories for their products. For this unit we have different brushes with varying firmness for different jobs.

  • What are the dimensions for this unit?

    This unit's length, width, and height is 36 inches x 32 inches x 16 inches (91.5 centimeters x 81 centimeters x 41 cm) with a weight of 55 pounds (25 kilograms).

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