Water Pump Uses In Agriculture

Successful agriculture is the most important and serious need of a farmer. To produce and care for healthy crops and animals, clean water distribution must always be consistent. 

Access to usable water is something many take for granted. Water pumps are crucial in remote locations such as farms and ranches where commercial electrical power is not as easily accessible. 

There are various types of water pumps in which farmers use such as: centrifugal, submersible, piston, shallow well jet, and deep well jet. Each type uses a different method to transfer clean water depending on the resources and needs of the land.

Water pumps are often overlooked in agriculture, but they are the silent heroes for basic household needs, irrigation, and livestock care:




Water pumps are the heart of irrigation systems. Farmers and ranch owners do not have a choice about the source of water their land naturally provides. Because of this, water pumps are essential for a thriving environment. 

With water pumps, farmers can supply the proper amount of water to their crops in every area of their land with ease. Water amount, temperature, and pressure are just some of the key things that can influence a successful crop. In today’s agriculture, the water pump system requires various factors for successful irrigation. This includes components such as diverse speed drives, intelligent control, and remote management. 


Livestock Water Transfer 

Livestock will drink water when they need it, which means farmers need to supply drinkable water to them at all times of the day. If the animals are left thirsty, the farmers suffer the consequences of having unhealthy livestock. 

Water pumps provide farmers with a dependable and cost-effective means of providing clean drinking water for their animals. Each livestock animal consumes a different amount of water each day, and water pumps help relieve the fear of skyrocketing the water bill. 

In addition to drinking water, animals need water to bathe in. Water pumps allow farmers to clean their animals with ease and in a timely manner. This is especially important for those to have a large amount of land and animals to take care of. 

Domestic Water Supply

Having clean, reliable water in the home is critical when living anywhere. Having stable access to clean water is a critical concern when living in a rural area. Aside from crops and animals, rural homeowners need access to clean water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and much more for themselves. 

If the water supply that is naturally provided is inadequate or not safe to use, a water pump is needed. Water pumps can help ensure that clean water is delivered to home plumbing systems. Families are constantly using water throughout the day at different pressures. With water pumps, they can always have a reserve available for each unique use. 

At Tomahawk, we have different types of water pumps to cater to your needs, our 8HP 3” Water Pump powered by Honda provides the power and efficiency needed to complete your agricultural project. With excellent handling and a quick clean port, these pumps are portable and heavy-duty, featuring deeper impeller vanes and larger discharge openings. 



Clean Water Distribution - The process of managing and delivering water that is free from pollutants and suitable for use in agriculture, essential for the health of crops and animals.

Remote Locations - Areas that are isolated or far from main cities or towns, often without easy access to utilities like commercial electrical power, making water pumps vital for water access.

Method to Transfer - Refers to the various mechanisms or techniques used by different types of water pumps (e.g., centrifugal, piston) to move water from one location to another.

Drinkable Water - Water that meets safety standards for consumption by humans and animals, crucial in remote farming areas where water quality can be variable.

Domestic Use - Usage of water for household purposes such as drinking, cooking, and cleaning, emphasizing the role of water pumps in providing essential services in rural homes.

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