Tomahawk TE Series 2 Stroke Engines - Built to Last

Tomahawk TE Series 2 Stroke Engines are the latest in Tomahawk's line of super-clean models using high efficiency, low emission technology. With this technology, Tomahawk engines can meet or exceed today’s ultra-low Tier3/Phase3 CARB and EPA engine regulations, and in the Tomahawk 37cc, 42cc, and 52cc models, this is done without the need for a catalytic muffler.


Engineered with lightweight pistons and flywheels, experience optimal power within an efficient crankcase. Coupled with a noise silencer muffler, you will immediately notice a huge boost in 2 stroke engine performance! TE Series 2 Stroke engine flywheels are dynamically balance to make starting easy. With one revolution for one power stroke, experience the generation of a more balanced force and smoother start.


TMD14 Backpack Fogger for Pest Control and Leaf Blowing

With all Tomahawk engine models, fewer components are used while upgrading to a proven, less-costly single-venturi rotary Walbro carburetor. Great for year-round and seasonal outdoor power equipment, these carburetors are assembled with ethanol resistant materials to ensure reliable performance from the factory to the field.These engines produce excellent power and torque characteristics with fuel economy as much as 40% lower than prior models, while receiving CARB, EPA, and NFPA certificates.


TPS25 Backpack Sprayer for Pest Control

Tomahawk 2 stroke engines are easy to install, lighter, and can function in multiple conditions, angles, and variations - while maintaining extreme efficiency. The Tomahawk 2 Stroke TE Series ranges from .75HP to 3HP and is used in a variety of applications from sprayers, mist dusters, backpack blower, granular spreaders, brush cutters, trimmers, augers, and other power equipment.

Model: TE25cc
TPS25 Backpack Sprayer
TCS6.5 Concrete Sprayer
CPS435 Backpack Sprayer

Model: TE52cc
TMD14 Backpack Fogger
CMD65 Backpack Fogger
TGS30 Backpack Broadcast Spreader

For any questions regarding troubleshooting, spare parts, and 2 stroke engine service please reach out to Tomahawk Power at (866) 577-4476 or email Our bilingual staff if happy to help!

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