Think Globally, Act Locally: San Diego Manufacturer Fights Spread of Coronavirus

San Diego Manufacturer Fights Spread of Coronavirus

San Diego, CA – Based in San Diego, California, Tomahawk Power is a leading manufacturer of motorized sprayers in Southern California. With global supply networks, Tomahawk has seen a rise in sprayer demand as coronavirus continues to spread rapidly throughout the United States and the world. Recently supplying units to crews in Ireland, Tomahawk foggers can be seen spraying disinfectants around the Dublin Airport to control the virus.


“With the widespread impact of coronavirus, we are not only seeing government organizations spraying, but also do-it-yourselfers and homeowners in  the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia taking steps to disinfect their own properties,” said Lawrence Nora, President of Tomahawk Power. “We are looking forward to helping the City of San Diego in its future decontamination routines.”


Tomahawk Power backpack foggers and sprayers can spray many disinfectants and cleaners, including hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Visit for more information about disinfecting with backpack sprayers.


About Tomahawk Power

Tomahawk Power manufactures outdoor power sprayers, light construction, and portable power equipment. With a commitment to American engineering, Tomahawk’s constant research and design, along with invaluable customer feedback, elevates Tomahawk equipment for superior performance. Receiving the distinction as San Diego’s 8th Fastest Growing Company of 2019, Tomahawk has become a leading distributor/manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and a brand that is recognized for its reliability and great service.



Lawrence Nora, President


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