The Easiest Way To Strap Boxes To Pallets


At our warehouse, we use a specific method to strap down boxes to pallets. It’s important for our team to secure our boxes down to ensure that each item is transferred and delivered safely.

To help save room, it is common for truck drivers and transportation companies to take the box off of the pallet if it is not strapped down. This can create potential issues if the boxes are stored the wrong way or squished by other packages in the truck. Our methods provides more security and peace of mind when we ship out orders.

The process to strap down boxes is simple. We have seen many other teams do it differently or with advanced technology, but we have found this method to be the most efficient. To save time, we strap multiple boxes down at a time, which you can watch in our video above.



  1. Feed the strap under the pallet.
  2. Take the tie-down and fold it away from you.
  3. Position the horns of the clip to the right.
  4. Loop the strap through the clip, then bring it around the through one hook. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Take the top of each strap and pull tight.


In this video, our team was strapping down a box containing Tomahawk Power's Honda Gas Vibrating Concrete Power Screed Float Finishing Tool. You can find it here.


Stay tuned as we develop more “How-To” videos and content around our San Diego warehouse.

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