Rental Equipment: Concrete Saws

Gasoline powered concrete saws are great tools for construction. In many cases renting saws from a local rental yard or buying a concrete saw and renting to your sub-contractors can be a clever way to save or make money.

In the U.S. Rental Industry for Light Construction the most common types of walk-behind concrete saws are 14’’ and 18’’ walk-behind concrete saws. Walk-Behind Concrete Saws are ideal for sidewalks, small road cuts, asphalt, concrete, rebar, blocks and other aggregate materials.​ The key features of rental saws is their low maintenance, ease of use, longevity of the equipment, and safety.

Choosing a design that is simple and well built will ensure a piece of a equipment that is low maintenance. A saw that features a lot of electronics typically lead to more breakdowns. Almost all 14’’ and 18’’ rentals saws are self-propelled so maintenance should be simple if there is electric start this could be another reason the saw might break. Also, remember that when a saw is rented and it has many operators. The saw may be misused much more often. In addition to limited features, making the saw easy to use will make ensure low maintenance. Choosing a saw with an easy starting system, lots of warning and labels and instructions will help. The key to rental saws is simplicity.

Usability is vital for a saw when renting it. When you rent a saw it is important it is easy to start. Tomahawk 14’’ and 18’’ saws make it very easy to start, as the starting process only involves the engine. Tomahawk uses GX160 and GX390 Honda Engines. These are the best small engines on the market and can be easily started by simply pulling the recoil starter.

Durability is crucial to the life and ROI of a walk-behind saw. Making sure the saw is not made of plastic, and rather is built tough with a thick metal frame is important. Durability of the engine is also important. Choosing the correct saw engine is just as important as picking the saw.  If the saw looks robust, has a reputable engine, and has a simple starting method you can be certain this will be a good durable concrete saw.

Safety is a given when it comes to choosing your rental saw. Accidents can happen and mitigating the risk is important. To choose a safe concrete saw, make sure the saw is stable and when pushed it does not wobble. Additionally, always make sure the saw has a kill switch. Kill switches will prevent serious injury and are must for concrete saws. In addition to kill switches, blade covers are also crucial to making a saw safe. Blade covers are important because when surfaces are cut, these blade covers will prevent debris from flying and hitting the operator or anyone nearby.

When choosing a saw, consider the Tomahawk Power TFS18 or TFS14 walk behind saw. Tomahawk is committed to making a great rental grade concrete saw that is low maintenance, durable, easy to use, and safe.

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