INTRODUCING: The New Tomahawk Power 3” Industrial Duty Trash Water Pump

New Product Release: We have officially launched our brand new product, the Tomahawk Power 3” Industrial Duty Trash Water Pump

Engineered and designed for those working on construction sites or out in agricultural fields, this water pump will transfer water and debris with power and ease. It is the perfect tool to utilize around your jobsite, farm, home and other remote locations. 

Move water quickly, get the job done. 



Powered by the industry’s reliable 8HP Honda GX240 engine, you can effortlessly pump water up to 375 gallons per minute.


This pump contains a 3" x 3" inlet and outlet, to easily handle solid waste up to 1.5” in diameter


Durable and tough, its chrome casted volute is 1200% harder than cast iron. This provides smooth performance, extended service, and protection against tough rocks and debris. 


Reinforced with silicon carbide mechanical seals, it is 100x stronger than standard ceramic seals in dirty water applications to keep the pump pressurized and resilient. 


Lightweight and portable, this pump is perfect for on-the-go pumping of water for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. 



There are many ways in which you can utilize this trash water pump. Whether it is for a jobsite cleanup, an agricultural project, or clearing out a flooded street after a heavy storm- this equipment provides versatility and power to help you get through any situation.

Some of the most common applications include: 

  • Draining flooded construction sites 
  • Draining flooded basements 
  • Draining pools and ponds 
  • Draining flooded areas after hurricanes and natural disasters  
  • Irrigating fields 
  • Flood control 
  • Agricultural clearing 
  • Mining 
  • Dewatering excavations 
  • Dewatering utility vaults 
  • Cleaning off sludge from ponds 
  • Transfer debris such as pebbles, twigs, sand, leaves, and mud 


We built this trash water pump to supply maximum discharge flow and pressure for powerful results, while also providing a design that makes it easy to transport from one jobsite to the next. 

For the toughest and dirtiest jobs, handle the most demanding water transfer projects with ease and efficiency.

Now available for purchase, order your trash water pump today! 

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