How to Operate a Tomahawk Battery Powered Buggy

Bringing more efficiency to your projects, the Tomahawk Power Buggy makes transporting materials a breeze. 

Just received your new Power Buggy? Watch this video to learn how to get it up and running for your next project! 


How To Operate A Tomahawk Power Buggy: 

Start Up:

  1. To start up your buggy, locate the keys on the side canister. 

  2. Turn the ignition to ON. 

  3. Next, underneath the display, turn the battery dial to ON.



  1. To move the Power Buggy forward, hold the deadman's lever with your left hand. 

  2. Then, hold down the accelerator with your right hand.

  3. To move the Power Buggy reverse, hold the deadman's lever with your left hand. 

  4. Then, press the reverse button down and hold down on the accelerator. 

  5. Press the button again to move forward. 



  1. You can adjust your Power Buggy's speed between 3 forward moving speeds and 1 reverse moving speed. 
  2. Your Power Buggy can reach a velocity of 3.1 mph.


Emptying The Bucket:

  1. To empty, press the bucket button UP. Bucket will lift to a 160° of tilt range. 

  2. Press the bucket button DOWN to return the bucket to its normal place.



  1. If you are working in low light, turn the keys to the RIGHT to turn on the headlights. 



  1. To charge your Power Buggy's battery, find the charging cable located in the side canister. 
  2. Insert the cable into the charging interface and secure tightly. 
  3. Once plugged in, the display will show that the battery is charging.



With 4 Wheel Chain Drive and all-terrain tires, Tomahawk Buggies can traverse through uneven soils, sand, snow, and more. Once on the job, you can haul up to 8 cu.ft. or up to 660 lbs. Tomahawk Buggies are the ultimate tool to do your heavy lifting!

Maximize your time and energy for the tasks that matter, and let the Tomahawk Power Mini Dumper take care of the haul. 


For any additional questions regarding your Power Buggy, feel free to reach out to our support team. 

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