How to Kill Centipedes Around Your Home

Centipedes seem to be a never-ending issue for many people in the United States.  If you are looking to remove centipedes from your property here are a few solutions to help your situation.


Remove Other Indoor Pests

Unlike flies and cockroaches, centipedes are not attracted to old food and garbage. In fact, their main food source are other indoor pests like flies and cockroaches. Your first steps to getting rig of centipedes will actually start with killing flies, cockroaches, and any other bug that falls into the centipedes food pyramid. Cockroaches and flies are attracted to food and garbage. By covering up trash bins and removing old fruits and vegetables from countertops you reduce their food source. Flies can lay their eggs anywhere – in dirty dishes, litterboxes, trashcans, old food. This is why it is important to remove all unwanted organic matter from your living areas. Here are a few more tips to kill flies and cockroaches around your home.


Seal Up all Crevices, Cracks, and Holes

Prevent centipedes from even making their way in to your home by using a tube of caulk and a caulking gun. Inside pantries, between countertops and walls, around pipes and baseboards are all areas that centipedes can find their way in. Also make sure your screen doors and windows are in good shape.


Clean, Clean, Clean

As you will find in the How to Kill Cockroaches article, cleaning will drastically help you reduce your centipede populations. Not only will it remove cockroaches from their centipede diets, it also will eliminate their breeding sites. Centipedes need humid places to breed, which typically is in the form of old junk. Throw away any old junk and remove any moisture that may be stagnant.


We hope these steps have greatly helped your Quest for Pest Control. If you find something even more effective, be sure to share with us and others what solutions help kill centipedes.

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