How to Get Rid of Walnut Twig Beetles

What is a Walnut Twig Beetles?

The Walnut Twig Beetle is also known by the scientific name Pityophthorus juglandis. They carry the fungus Geosmithia morbida’s spores, and when they feed on walnut trees they end up infecting them with Thousand Cankers Disease.

What do they look like?

Walnut Twig beetles are small in size, about 1/16 inch at most. They have a reddish brown color and spikes coming out from their body. A striking difference are the ridges that the species have behind their head, about 4-6 concentric ridges.

What is their diet?

Well, their choice of diet, as their name suggests, are walnut trees. They dig into the branches and the stem of walnut trees.

What is their lifecycle?

The lifespan of the Walnut Twig Beetle is thought to be 7 weeks. Presumably, the feeding season of Walnut Twig Beetle begins in May, as that’s when the eggs hatch. Adult beetles find bark to make a home in and mate, while female beetles lay eggs. All beetles gather there and it is henceforth known as a ‘gallery’. There are small holes in the tree from which the beetles can enter and exit. The larvae continue to feed on the trees.

Where are they found?

Walnut Twig Beetles are found in the stem and the phloem of the branches of the walnut tree. As the spread of the Walnut Twig Beetle is usually restricted in the phloem one can miss it easily. So, you have to thoroughly check the walnut tree for infestation.

Signs of an infestation?

For pest control, it’s important to first detect the signs of infestation. It’s quite hard to tell when a Walnut Twig Beetle has infected a walnut tree.   

The most obvious and early symptoms would be when the leaves start adopting a yellow hue, and the upper crow of the tree starts thinning at the foliage. If the disease takes on a bigger shape, large branches might start deteriorating and the leaves on it will likely die. In the end, even the trunks contract the fungus. At best, it would take about 3 years for the walnut tree to die.

How to get rid of Walnut Twig Beetles?

The best way to get rid of Walnut Twig Beetles would be to spray insecticides on it. It is best to use a professional insecticide for commercial and residential use, great when sprayed with a backpack sprayer. You have to watch out for the signs, and the moment you notice something wrong with the walnut tree, it’s time to inspect and bring out the pesticides.


Getting rid of Walnut Twig Beetles by yourself isn’t easy. If you need help, do not be hesitate by calling a professional to save your tree from this situation.


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