How To Change A Carburetor On A Honda GX160 Engine

In this how-to video, we are demonstrating how to change a carburetor on a GX160 Honda Engine on a Tomahawk 5.5 HP Honda Vibratory Plate Compactor


  1. Remove the air filter cover and all air filter elements.
  2. Loosen the outside nuts with a socket wrench.
  3. Slide the air filter off.
  4. Remove the gasket.
  5. Loosen accelerator springs with needle-nose pliers.
  6. Remove the carburetor.
  7. Remove the second gasket. 
  8. Place the new gasket on. 
  9. Place the new carburetor on. 
  10. Attach the accelerator springs with needle-nose pliers.
  11. Place the second gasket on.
  12. Reconnect the springs and test the throttle to ensure springs are working correctly.
  13. Place the air filter assembly housing on. 

Replacing the carburetor on a Honda GX160 Engine is very similar to a 4.5 HP Kohler Engine. 

Often times, when we see people have issues with their engine, it’s due to a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. To keep your Honda GX160 Engine running at it’s best, make sure to check all features before paying to replace the entire unit. Carburetors are sensitive, therefore it’s important to use good gas, the right amount of oil, and ensure the air filter is clean. 

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