How To Assemble And Start Up An Electric Plate Compactor JXPC50H

With NO GAS, NO FUMES, NO FUSS – achieve superior performance with Tomahawk Electric Compactors! Read this blog for an assembly and start up guide to get you started today!


Step 1

Remove the existing nuts and bolts from the connection points. 

Step 2

Align the upper handles to the connection points of the lower handle.

Step 3

Replace the nuts and bolts and secure the handles in place with a 17mm socket and wrench.


Operation Guidelines 

  • To support the compactors powerful motor. Use a 12 gauge extension chord to handle the higher electrical current. 
  • Plug the chord into a 20 AMP outlet to support the compactors higher power demands.
  • Start at one edge moving the compactor forward in a straight line and with each pass overlap the previously compacted area. By a third or half of the plates width to eliminate any gaps or unevenness.

With that your Tomahawk Plate Compactor is ready to Rock-n-Roll. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! From checkout to your job-site, Tomahawk is on call to answer questions, provide tips, and supply superior customer service. We understand to keep a job-site running smoothly, the proper equipment and spare parts are needed at the drop of a hat.


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