How To Assemble And Start Up A Tomahawk TVSA-T Power Screed

Simple to operate and with a low maintenance design, the TVSA-T is the ultimate screed assembly for professional concrete jobs. Save more than 75% in labor costs when choosing Tomahawk over conventional finishing methods.

Watch this video or follow these steps to learn how to assemble and get your power screed going:


  1. Remove the unit and all pieces from the box. 
  2. Use a socket wrench to attach the handles. 
  3. Remove the screws attached to the handles. 
  4. Slide the handle bars in. 
  5. Secure the handle bars with the screws. 
  6. Attach the kickstand using a socket wrench and given screws.
  7. Use a socket wrench to attach the blade. 
  8. Bring the unit on top of the blade and align the holes. 
  9. Insert the screws. 
  10. Tighten each screw with the socket wrench.


  1. Add 10W-30 Oil
  2. Add Engine Fuel
  3. Add Fuel Stabilizer 
  4. Press the primer bulb until fuel can be seen. 
  5. Push the throttle lever slightly. 
  6. Pull the recoil starter to start the engine.


Your TVSA-T Power Screed is now ready to use!

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