How To Assemble A TPS25 Backpack Sprayer
Offering adjustable pressure from 50-450 PSI, Tomahawk's PRO SERIES Backpack Sprayer is perfect for pest control professionals treating residential and commercial areas! Larger for extended use, fill the sprayer’s 5 gallon chemical tank with your ideal liquid pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer! Spray 10X Faster with this sprayer's Twin Tip Nozzle to combat insects in hard to reach places! Achieve the ultimate comfort in pest control with adjustable straps with layered padding, to reduce operator fatigue.
Watch this video or follow the steps to learn how to easily assemble your TPS25 Backpack Sprayer:
  1. Attach the two backpack straps to the back of the sprayer
  • Slip the straps under either bar and back underneath the straps buckle
  • Then slip the remaining portion of the strap under the bottom of the buckle
  • Repeat for the second strap
  • Clip the straps to the base of the backpack sprayer
  1. Attach the hose to the pump on the right side of the sprayer
  • Tighten the hose securely to the pump
  1. Attach the spraying wand to the handle press
  • Attach the twin tip nozzle for conical spraying
  1. Remove the lid to ass your desired pesticide, disinfectant, or fertilizer

        * We recommend testing the sprayer with only water before adding any                  chemical

  • Reseal the lid tightly
  1. Add ready-to-use 50:1 Pre Mix Fuel to the engine
  • Reseal the fuel cap securely
  • Pump the primer bulb 3-5 times, or until fuel passes through the fuel lines
  • Close the choke and pull the recoil cord to start the engine
  • Open the choke in the few seconds after the engine starts
  1. Tighten the straps to your ideal position
  • Adjust the throttle to start spraying


Now that your Backpack Sprayer is assembled you can get to spraying!

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