Growth Through Service: A Fastenal Success Story

Nate Gemmell has been a long time employee of Fastenal for over 17 years. Like many Fastenal employees, Nate is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to service his customers. So when the Nebraska Department of Transportation contacted Nate for a tamping rammer, he knew he needed to find a qualified partner in the Fastenal vendor system. 

How did you come across Tomahawk Power, and how did everything start with the Department of Transportation in Nebraska?

Nate Gemmell: “My customer called me and asked if I could help them get a rammer. I said I wasn’t exactly sure but I would look in my system. Fortunately, I searched it in my system and we had part numbers for it, so it was pretty seamless. He had a few questions about the rammer that I emailed back and forth with your customer service team to make sure that we were getting him exactly what he needed.”

What was that experience like going back and forth with Tomahawk Power’s customer service team?

Nate Gemmell: “It was great, seamless. You guys were very prompt, I didn’t have to ask twice or anything like that. Anytime I emailed, they got back to me quickly. The customer service was really good.”

You sold 3 TR68H rammers in late February, and then less than 1 month later, you sold another 6 to the same customer for nearly $24,000 in total sales. Can you explain what the sales cycle entailed? Did they want to test the units first?

Nate Gemmell: “My customer didn’t come out and say that, but I can tell you that’s exactly what they did. They needed 3 right off the bat, but before they ordered more they needed to ensure that these units would do the job for them – which they obviously did, because a month later, he ordered 6 more.”

Have you heard any more feedback from them on the equipment?

Nate Gemmell: “I have been with Fastenal for 17 years, and if I don’t hear anything back, I can tell you that means the product is doing what it’s supposed to do! No service issues or anything. One other thing I would like to mention – as the DOT is a state entity, they needed some paperwork filled out with model numbers and serial numbers for their records, and your customer service team was able to knock that out for me too, which was a great help.”

Tomahawk Power Tamping Rammer. TR68H - Fastenal SKU: 2185793
Tomahawk Power Tamping Rammer. TR68H - Fastenal SKU: 2185793

Now that you are familiar with the Tomahawk Power brand, have you been able to locate any other potential customers?

Nate Gemmell: “I have had some of my concrete customers looking at your concrete saws and other concrete tools. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about Tomahawk Power before this, but since this experience, I keep your brand in my repertoire of vendors that I use to offer solutions to my customers.”

How would you say that Tomahawk Power has helped you in your relationships with your customers?

Nate Gemmell: “You guys help bridge a gap for us. Fastenal sells so many different products, and in this instance, when I wasn’t sure how to best help my customer with their request, you guys had a part number already set up which was really nice that I didn’t have to create a special stock number. You really did a great job bridging the gap to fill a need I didn’t even know that Fastenal was able to fill.”

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience working with Tomahawk Power?

Nate Gemmell: “The customer support was great. One thing I would like to add, we were able to deliver the rammers through our own transportation system, which helped us save on shipping. That was another huge benefit. That’s big for Fastenal so the branches do not have to get hit with that extra freight from outside carriers.”

Congratulations Nate on a job well done selling Tomahawk Power Light Construction Equipment!

Help us help you! Tomahawk Power is committed to helping Fastenal reps earn new business.

Contact us today if you think you have existing customers, leads, or know of other Fastenal

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