Fueling Tips and Recommendations

2 Stroke Engines
Tomahawk Power Sprayers and Mist Blowers use 50:1 Pre-Mix Fuel. 

It is recommended to use gasoline with an Octane greater than 89 and 2 stroke oil. If you are mixing, use one 2 stroke oil bottle (2.6oz) and mix with 1 gallon of 89 octane gasoline.



4 Stroke Engines
Tomahawk Generators, Generator Welders, Scarifiers Power Screeds, Plate Compactors, Rammers, Saws, and all products with Honda or Kohler engines.

Use SAE10W-30 Oil

Use Gasoline 89 Octane or greater with Fuel Stabilizer. 

Warning: Do not use ethanol based gasoline as this will gum up engines and cause carburetor issues. 

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Damian Velazquez

Damian Velazquez

I have a Tomahawk backpack sprayer TPS25 nd I just wonder if I need to out oil in the engine before use(its brand new) nd if…where?….or it only needs the mix-gas…?!! Thanks

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