Choosing the Right Drum for Your Concrete Scarifier

When it comes to concrete surface preparation tasks such as milling misaligned sidewalks, cleaning floors, or removing coatings and markings, having the right drum for your scarifier can make all the difference. Each type of drum offers unique benefits and is suited for specific applications. In this guide, we'll explore three common types of drums available for concrete scarifiers and their respective advantages.

1.8” Gas Concrete Scarifier Steel Star Drums

Star Steel Drums are designed for a variety of tasks including milling misaligned sidewalks, floor cleaning and preparation, concrete coating removal, and general surface preparation. These drums are compatible with the Tomahawk TSCAR-8H Concrete Scarifier, offering easy installation and efficient operation.


  • Milling misaligned sidewalks for trip hazard repair
  • Floor cleaning and preparation
  • Concrete coating removal
  • Traffic line and marking removal
  • General surface preparation

8” Steel Wire Gas Concrete Scarifier Brush

Crafted from highly treated steel wire, the brush drum is ideal for floor cleaning, deburring, and removing contaminants following roughening or scabbling tasks. This drum provides effective cleaning and surface preparation, ensuring a smooth and pristine finish.


  • Floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Deburring surfaces
  • Removing contaminants after roughening or scabbling
  • Surface preparation before coating application

8” Gas Concrete Scarifier Drum Cage Blades

Drum Cage Blades are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of applications, including milling misaligned sidewalks, floor cleaning, concrete preparation, coating removal, and more. These drums are also perfect for light to medium milling of concrete, removing non-skid coatings from steel, coal tar epoxy removal, marine non-skid removal, asphalt milling, and thick urethane rubber removal.


  • Light to medium milling of concrete
  • Removing non-skid coatings from steel
  • Coal tar epoxy removal
  • Marine non-skid removal
  • Asphalt milling
  • Thick urethane rubber removal

Choosing the right drum for your concrete scarifier is essential for achieving optimal results in surface preparation tasks. Whether you need to mill misaligned sidewalks, clean floors, or remove coatings and markings, there's a drum designed to meet your specific requirements. By understanding the applications and advantages of each type of drum, you can select the most suitable option for your project and ensure efficient and effective performance.

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