2024 Unveiled: Revolutionizing Pest Control and Construction with Cutting-Edge Innovations – Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Introducing our groundbreaking lineup for 2024 – a fusion of innovation, sustainability, and efficacy in pest control and construction. Powered by Tomahawk Power, our latest offerings redefine industry standards with state-of-the-art battery technology, delivering unmatched power and efficiency. From tackling persistent pests to streamlining construction tasks, our new range of battery-powered solutions is designed to revolutionize the way you work. Embrace the future of precision and reliability as we unveil a collection that not only redefines performance but also champions environmental consciousness. Step into 2024 with a powerful ally in your hands – where cutting-edge technology meets the reliability of Tomahawk Power.

Powering Progress: Tomahawk's Battery-Operated Revolution

Battery Powered Fertilizer Spreader 

Embarking on a new era of convenience and versatility: the battery-operated fertilizer spreader. Engineered for ease of use and unparalleled efficiency, this groundbreaking device is not just limited to revolutionizing the way you fertilize your garden. With its user-friendly design and powerful battery, our spreader seamlessly transitions into the realm of concrete finishing. Imagine effortlessly spreading decorative concrete flakes with precision, creating stunning surfaces with unparalleled ease. This dual-purpose marvel is not only a game-changer for your gardening needs but also a seamless companion for the world of concrete craftsmanship. Welcome to a future where starting your fertilizer spreader is a breeze, and where one tool effortlessly elevates both your green spaces and concrete projects, redefining the boundaries of innovation in your hands.

Battery Powered Sprayer

Revolutionizing the landscape of spraying technology, we are delighted to unveil our latest triumph – a battery-operated sprayer that stands toe-to-toe with the power of its gas-powered counterparts. Introducing a game-changer equivalent to the formidable TPS25, our sprayer boasts a robust 1-2 hour battery life, delivering unparalleled convenience and mobility without sacrificing performance. With a formidable 400 PSI, a capacious 15-liter tank, and an adjustable pressure dial, this powerhouse is designed to handle a spectrum of spraying tasks with precision and efficiency. The incorporation of high-quality pump and components ensures reliability and longevity, setting a new standard for battery-operated sprayers. Embrace the freedom to spray without constraints, as we redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the world of efficient and eco-friendly spraying technology. Welcome to the future of precision and power – where every spray is a testament to innovation and excellence.

Battery Concrete Sprayer 

Unveiling a revolutionary advancement in concrete spraying technology, we proudly introduce our Battery Operated Concrete Sprayer – a cutting-edge solution that marries power, precision, and portability. Boasting a substantial 5-gallon tank, this sprayer is engineered to handle large-scale projects with ease. Equipped with the same high-quality wand featured in the TCS6.5, it ensures precise application and control, catering to the diverse needs of construction professionals. What sets this innovation apart is its pressure capability, mirroring the formidable eTPS25 battery-operated sprayer. This means that, whether you're applying concrete for structures, walls, or any construction project, you can count on consistent pressure for optimal results. Embrace a new era of efficiency and flexibility on the job site with our Battery Operated Concrete Sprayer – where power meets mobility for a seamless and productive spraying experience.

Battery Operated Backpack Vibrator 

Our latest innovation in concrete consolidation – the Battery Operated Backpack Concrete Vibrator, a groundbreaking solution that combines power with portability. Revolutionizing the way concrete is vibrated, this compact and cordless marvel is set to redefine efficiency on construction sites. Powered by a high-performance battery, it provides the freedom to move seamlessly without the constraints of cords or power outlets. The ergonomic backpack design ensures comfort during extended use, allowing operators to navigate through various job sites effortlessly. Whether you're working on foundations, slabs, or walls, this concrete vibrator delivers consistent and powerful vibrations, ensuring optimal concrete compaction. Embrace the future of construction technology with our Battery Operated Backpack Concrete Vibrator, where mobility meets performance for a more versatile and productive job site experience.

Battery Operated Porta Trowel

Embark on a new era of portability and efficiency with our groundbreaking Battery Operated Porta Trowel, a game-changing addition to the world of concrete finishing. Unveiling a paradigm shift in construction tools, our porta trowel redefines convenience by eliminating the need for traditional power sources. Powered by a high-performance battery, this innovative tool ensures freedom of movement without compromising on power or precision. Designed with the modern contractor in mind, the Battery Operated Porta Trowel combines ease of use with cutting-edge technology, allowing for seamless concrete finishing on the go. Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and hello to unparalleled mobility, as we pave the way for a future where efficiency meets portability in the palm of your hands. Welcome to the next generation of construction tools – where every finish is a testament to the power of innovation.

Battery Powered Track Buggy 

Embarking on a new frontier in construction site efficiency, we are thrilled to unveil—the Battery-Powered Track Buggy. This groundbreaking solution represents a paradigm shift in material transport, offering an eco-friendly, quiet, and highly maneuverable alternative to traditional track buggies. With a powerful battery at its core, this track buggy ensures extended operational hours without the need for constant refueling. Equipped with robust tracks, it navigates a variety of terrains effortlessly, providing unparalleled mobility on the job site. Whether you're transporting concrete, gravel, or other construction materials, our Battery-Powered Track Buggy delivers the performance you demand with minimal environmental impact. Embrace the future of construction logistics, where power and sustainability converge in a track buggy designed to elevate your projects to new heights.


Charged for Success: Tomahawk's Electric-Powered Lineup Sparks a New Era

Electric Scarifier 

A revolutionary solution that addresses the challenges of using traditional scarifiers indoors by providing an emission-free alternative. Say farewell to the limitations of exhaust fumes and noise pollution as our electric scarifier ushers in a new era of eco-friendly and quiet operation. Designed for indoor use, this innovation ensures a clean and efficient scarifying process without compromising on power. With zero emissions, our scarifier not only meets environmental standards but also enhances user experience by eliminating the need for exhaust ventilation. Whether you're working on indoor surfaces or noise-sensitive environments, our Electric Scarifier delivers unparalleled performance, making scarifying tasks a breeze while championing sustainability. Step into the future of scarifying technology – where precision meets eco-consciousness for a seamless and responsible operation.

Electric Plate Compactor

Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, this compact yet powerful tool is here to revolutionize your projects. Say goodbye to emissions and cumbersome starting processes, as our electric plate compactor provides an economic and environmentally friendly solution. With easy start-up functionality, you can now achieve professional-grade compaction results without the hassle. It's time to redefine your DIY experience, as our Electric Plate Compactor combines efficiency, emission-free operation, and simplicity in one compact package, empowering you to tackle projects with confidence and ease. Welcome to a new era of economical and eco-friendly construction tools.

Compaction Redefined: Tomahawk's Plate Compactors Set the Standard for Power and Precision

Mid-Size Plate Compactor 

Unveiling our latest innovation in compaction technology, we proudly introduce the Mid-Size Durable Plate – a robust and powerful solution tailored to meet the demands of diverse construction projects. Weighing in at an optimal 82-85kg, this plate packs a punch in terms of both durability and performance. Equipped with a built-in water tank, it ensures efficient compaction while minimizing dust, making it an ideal choice for a clean and precise work environment. The thoughtful inclusion of a wheel kit enhances maneuverability, providing ease of transport across job sites. What sets this plate apart is its compatibility with poly pads, offering versatility for various surface applications. Get ready to experience a new standard in compaction equipment, where durability, versatility, and efficiency converge to redefine the way you approach construction projects. Welcome to the future of mid-size plates – where every compacting task becomes a seamless and reliable endeavor.

Large Reverse Plate Compactor 

Introducing our latest engineering marvel, the Large Reverse Plate Compactor – a heavyweight champion designed to tackle the most demanding compaction challenges with unmatched power and efficiency. With a robust build and substantial weight, this compactor exerts substantial force to achieve superior compaction results on large surfaces. The reverse functionality adds a layer of versatility, allowing for precise control and maneuverability in tight spaces. Whether you're working on road construction, landscaping, or any project requiring extensive compaction, this machine is poised to redefine your expectations. The large surface area covered by the reverse plate compactor, coupled with its powerful performance, ensures that every soil and aggregate layer is compacted to perfection. Gear up for a new era in compaction technology, where size meets precision to make your large-scale projects smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Unmatched Power, Unparalleled Performance: Tomahawk's Cutting-Edge Generator Lineup

4500 Watt Powered Generator 

Our latest triumph in generator technology, the Tomahawk TG4500i – a powerhouse designed to not only meet but exceed future air emissions standards in California. Building upon the success of our top-selling TG3000i, this innovation represents a commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on performance. With advanced engineering and cutting-edge technology, the TG4500i not only delivers the reliable power our customers have come to expect but also aligns seamlessly with the evolving standards for cleaner air. It's a testament to our dedication to sustainable solutions and a cleaner future. Embrace the next generation of generators, where power and eco-consciousness converge to redefine your expectations. Tomahawk Power, leading the way towards a greener tomorrow.

Honda Engine Powered Generators 

Unveiling the epitome of power and reliability, we proudly introduce the Tomahawk Generator featuring Honda engines. This collaboration between two industry leaders marks a significant milestone in portable power solutions. Powered by the renowned performance of Honda engines, our generators deliver unparalleled durability, efficiency, and longevity. Whether you're powering essential appliances during an outage or seeking a robust energy source for your projects, the Tomahawk Generator with Honda engines stands as a beacon of excellence. With a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and trusted craftsmanship, we invite you to experience the assurance of uninterrupted power – where innovation meets the proven strength of Honda, setting a new benchmark in generator excellence. Welcome to a new era of reliability and performance with Tomahawk Power.


As we embark on this exciting journey of innovation, the Tomahawk Power family takes pride in introducing a diverse range of groundbreaking tools and generators that redefine the landscape of construction and power solutions. From the eco-friendly Battery-Powered Track Buggy to the precision of the Electric Plate Compactor and the reliability of the Tomahawk Generator series, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. By merging cutting-edge technology with sustainability, we aim to empower DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, ensuring that every project is met with efficiency, reliability, and a forward-thinking approach. Tomahawk Power is not just a brand; it's a commitment to shaping the future of construction and power solutions. Join us in this journey, where every innovation is a step towards a more sustainable and efficient tomorrow. Your projects, our power—Tomahawk Power.

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