18 in. 13 HP Honda Walk Behind Concrete Saw for Asphalt Concrete Cutting

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  • How much water do I need to put in the tank?

    It is recommended to completely fill your Tomahawk concrete saw’s water tank before use (unless you plan to hook up directly to a hose). Tomahawk Power 14’ concrete saws hold a maximum of 7.5 gallons of water, while Tomahawk 18” concrete saws hold 9 gallons of water.

  • Does it come out of box ready?

    Tomahawk Power Concrete saws are out of the box assembled, however they will need a concrete saw blade to start your project.

  • What warranty is offered with the TFS18H Concrete Saw?

    Tomahawk Power offers a 1 year limited product warranty on TFS18H concrete saw. This saw has been field tested, and our warranty reflects the confidence we have in the quality of Tomahawk Power concrete saw products.

  • Does the TFS18H Concrete Saw have a water tank?

    The TFS18H concrete includes a water tank attached to minimize dust, and provide a longer life to the saw blade itself. The TFS18H concrete has a water tank that is built into the back frame of the concrete saw itself. This tank can be filled by opening the top portion of the metal tank and then opening the cap on top of the water tank inside.

  • How many people does it take to load a TFS18H Concrete Saw on and off a truck?

    Tomahawk Power recommends using a minimum of 2 people to load the TFS18H concrete saw on and off a truck. Once unloaded, the TFS18H is light enough for one person to push around with ease, yet is durable enough to withstand any job. One great feature on the TFS18H is the wheel lock, which ensures a steady cut.

  • What size blade can I use for the TFS18H Concrete Saw?

    The TFS18H 18” concrete saw can run either a 14” or an 18” concrete saw. Tomahawk Power recommends bringing multiple blades to a jobsite, and always have access to a water supply to avoid excessive dust.Tomahawk Power does not currently provide any concrete saw blades. These can be purchased at a local hardware store.

  • What type of oil do I put in the TFS18H Concrete Saw engine?

    Putting the wrong oil in an engine is one of the easiest ways to damage your piece of equipment. Tomahawk Power concrete saws are built with high quality 4 stroke engines. Tomahawk Power recommends using 10W-30 or SAE30 rated oil in the engine on your Tomahawk Power concrete saw.
    There is no mixing of oil and gas for use in thew TFS18H concrete saw engine. When using a new concrete saw, be sure to change out its engine oil after your first 8 hours of use, and every 24 hours of use after that. 4 cycle engine oil can be found at your local auto-parts, gas station, or hardware store.

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