At Tomahawk Power, we understand that purchasing equipment can be a significant investment. That’s why we’ve introduced the Try Before You Buy program. Try Before You Buy is designed to make your purchasing decisions easier and more informed. Experience selected Tomahawk Power products through our rental partners, free of charge for two days.* If you like the product and want to purchase it, you can buy a brand-new one from your local Tomahawk Power distributor. We are committed to helping you complete your projects efficiently and effectively.

Try Before You Buy. Guaranteed success.

To try it before you buy, please register here, and we will get in touch with you.
For full terms and conditions, click here. Available through participating rental partners only.

benefits Of Try Before You Buy

Risk Free Trial 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Convenient and Hassle-Free

Informed Purchasing Decision

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How do I know if I qualify for Try Before You Buy?
To be eligible for Try Before You Buy, you must hold a current business registration number and provide all necessary information requested by Tomahawk Power. Our Account Manager will review your information and advise you of your eligibility.

I’d like to try a Tomahawk Power product that isn’t listed, can I still try this free of charge?
No, currently the Try Before You Buy program is only available for selected products. However, you can rent other Tomahawk Power products through your local rental company according to their rental policy.

Is the program national?
Yes, the Try Before You Buy program is available nationwide through participating rental partners. Register online or call Tomahawk Power Customer Service to find out if there is a participating rental partner in your area.

Can I get the loan product from any rental company in my area?
No, only participating rental companies can loan you the product.

I can’t pick up the product, can it be delivered to me?
The Try Before You Buy program offers free rental for two days. If you can’t pick up the product yourself, it can be delivered to you by the rental company, though delivery charges may apply. Delivery is managed by the rental company, not Tomahawk Power.

I don’t have a current rental company account, can I still get a loan product?
You will need an account with a participating rental company in your area. If you don’t have an existing account, we will assist you in setting one up, so you can pick up your loan product as soon as possible.

How long can I try the product for? Through the Try Before You Buy program, you can try our selected products for two days, free of charge. If you wish to rent the product for a longer period, you can arrange an extension with your rental company at your own cost. Pricing for the extended rental period is managed by the rental company, not Tomahawk Power.

Do I have to purchase the product after I try it?
No, whether or not you purchase the product afterwards is entirely up to you. This program is completely obligation-free.

I’ve tried the product and would like to purchase my own, where can I buy one?
You can purchase our products at any of our local stockists. Click here to find your nearest Tomahawk Power distributor.

Current Eligible Try Before You Buy Products