How To Assemble And Start Up a Tomahawk TBS500 Skid Sprayer with Honda Engine


Tomahawk Skid Sprayers are your best solution for industrial pest control. Perfect for applying pesticides around commercial and residential areas, these sprayers are powered by Honda engines and easy to use.


Here's how to assemble and start up your skid sprayer in just a few minutes:

Supplies Needed:

  • Plyers
  • 10mm wrench
  • Adjustment wrench



1. Attach the red hose into the gold base of the pump.

2. Connect the hose to the water filter.

3. Attach the end of the clear tube to the pressure adjustment knob.

4. Attach the Foundation Gun to the end of the yellow hose. Tighten if necessary.

5. To connect the throttle cable, remove the air filter cover.

6. Fit the top of the cable housing into the slot.

7. Tighten the cable with the locknuts using a 10mm wrench.

8. Move the throttle back and forth to ensure it is engaged.

9. Attach the air filter cover.



1. Unscrew the fuel gap to fill with unleaded gasoline.

2. Add 10W-30 Oil.

3. Put both hoses in water.

4. To turn on the engine, prime the bulb 3 times.

5. Switch the choke to ON.

6. Pull on the recoil starter.


Your skid sprayer is now ready to use!


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